Smooth Flowmeters

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About Smooth Flowmeters: 

The industries have now become more advanced and thanks to the highly developed solutions providers!!! One such name is Smooth Flowmeters. As the very name implies, our company deals with flow meters required by many industries to accurately monitor, measure and control the flow. Mr. Sushant Sahu, the founder of Smooth Flowmeters, established the company in 2012 with a dream to serve efficiently as a manufacturer, importer & exporter of Flow meters such as Turbine, Electromagnetic, Hydraulic oil tester and the so on.

The driving force of our company is the pioneering spirit of the founder & promoter and the zeal to achieve complete satisfaction of our customers. Apart from creating our own range, we partnered with a German based company – KRACHT GmBH. The products range from KRACHT Gear and Screw type PD Flowmeters Besides this, In 2014, M/S EPO Signal, Russia also partnered with us to market their products like Ultrasonic based air and gas Flowmeters and EVC. Also, we provide the After Sales Service.


Few products Smooth Flowmeters deal in :

    1. Inline Turbine Flowmeter
    2. Electromagnetic Flowmeter
    3. Positive Displacement Flowmeter
    4. Ultrasonic Flowmeter
    5. Rotary Positive Displacement Flowmeter
    6. Mass Flowmeter