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Email: ifabex@outlook.com, m.mollah@ifabex.com 

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About Ifabex Technologies: 

IFABEX TECHNOLOGIES works and operates in the field of PLC Based Control Panels, Electrical Panels,  Fault-Tolerant Servers/Zero Downtime solutions from Stratus Technologies-USA.

IFABEX TECHNOLOGIES has designed and executed various successful MIL461E/F Certified Electrical Panels, JS55555 Electrical Panels required for RAIL LESS Helo Traversing System, and other Equipment’s required mainly in Defense /NAVAL Ships.

IFABEX TECHOLOGIES is a distribution and Solution partner of a global producer of fault-tolerant computer servers and software -STRATUS TECHNOLOGIES-USA. The solutions have kept hundreds of mission-critical applications running all the time eliminating downtime.


Few products Ifabex Technologies deals in :

    1. Stratus ztC Edge
    2. Stratus ftServer
    3. Rail less Helo Traversing System-FDO system with CRD and Filter Box, Slave Control Unit (SCU).
    4. MIL461E/F, JS55555 Certified PLC-based Electrical Panels.
    5. APFC and Harmonics Filter Panel.