Institution Of Naval Architects

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About Institution Of Naval Architects : 

The Institution of Naval Architects (India) is a non-profit, technical, professional organization in the maritime, naval and offshore industry. Founded in 1985 and registered in India, INA is dedicated to continuing education, professional development, exchange of technical information and knowledge, international cooperation, and technology innovation and entrepreneurship in the maritime, naval, shipbuilding & offshore industry.

The Objectives of INA are to advance the concept of STEAM in the practice of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in all their applied forms covering the design, construction, operation, maintenance and recycling of ships and marine structures; to promote sustainable development of Society.


Few products Institution Of Naval Architects deals in :

    1. Arrange facilities for exchange of information and ideas among its members and placing on record and disseminating the results of research, experience, and information relating to the objectives
    2. Foster cooperative efforts among educational, research, industrial, and governmental personnel in technology development activities
    3. Provide our members with continuing education, networking, professional and business development opportunities
    4. Encourage technology development by promoting multidisciplinary characteristics of the naval, maritime and offshore industry
    5. Create a talent database of technical professionals across all disciplines in the naval, maritime and offshore industry