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About HydroComp, Inc : 

Since 1984, HydroComp has been a leader in providing hydrodynamic software and services for resistance and propulsion prediction, propeller sizing and design, and forensic performance analysis. We are unsurpassed in hydrodynamic design and analysis of ships. Through our unique array of software packages and consultancy services, HydroComp serves over 1400 naval architectural design firms, shipyards, yacht owners, ship operators, propeller designers, universities and militaries around the globe. Software products include: NavCad - for reliable and confident performance prediction; PropElements - for propeller design for performance; PropCad - for propeller design for manufacture; PropExert - for propeller sizing and analysis.


Few products HydroComp, Inc deals in :

    1. NavCad
    2. PropElements
    3. PropCad
    4. PropExpert
    5. Consultancy Services