Global Maritime Consultants Group

Booth Number - SBB-G130

Name of the Company: Global Maritime Consultants Group

Office Address: 707, One Platinum, Plot No 8, Sector 15,

CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400614. India

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5 Products / Services Name:

1. Ship design and engineering

2. Offshore Design and Engineering

3. Flag registration and crew documentation for vessels

4. Classification Services

5. Maritime Consultancy and engineering

GMCG (Global Marine Consultancy Group) is a leading provider of comprehensive maritime solutions. Specializing in ship design engineering, GMCG offers cutting-edge services tailored to meet industry demands. From meticulous ship registration services to precise classification services, GMCG ensures compliance with international standards. The company expertise extends to offshore engineering services, providing innovative solutions for complex maritime projects. With a commitment to excellence, GMCG stands as a trusted partner, delivering top-tier services that redefine the maritime landscape.