Thanawala and Co.

Booth Number - SBB-G30

Name of the Company: Thanawala & Co.
Office Address: 47/49, Dr. V. B. Gandhi Marg, Fort, Mumbai- 400023
Email Id:
Website: www.

5 Products / Services Name:
1. High Performance Ultra Lightweight Fiber Ropes and Tapes
2. High Strength Synthetic Braided Ropes
3. High Strength Synthetic Double Braided Ropes
4. High Strength Synthetic Twisted Ropes
5. High Strength Synthetic Woven Tapes and Webbings

Founded in 1986, Thanawala & Co. (Erstwhile M. BEST Cotton Rope Mfg. Co., Est. 1909) is at the forefront of rope innovation, combining the latest rope-making technologies with strong and durable materials. An unwavering focus on delivering quality has won Thanawala & Co. the trust of both OEM and aftermarket customers all across India. We are represented at various Bureau of Indian Standards Committees primarily due to our strong R&D base.
Our varied range of products encompasses all types of braided, double braided, twisted ropes, cordages, tapes and webbings. Our products are widely used for Parachutes, Aerial Delivery Systems, Anchor lines, Mooring lines and Tow lines. Having abundance of industry exposure & expertise the company started with supply to the defense sector mainly cordages for parachute usage.