Yesen sustain

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Name of the Company: Yesen Sustain

Office Address: Level 5, Vallamattam Estate, Ravipuram, Kochi - 682015, Kerala

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5 Products / Services Name:

1. E-Marine Electric propulsion kit

2. B-Kool Marine LFP batteries

3. Solar powered fish dispensing units

4.Last mile cold chain solutions

Yesen Sustain is on a mission to decarbonize the marine industry. We are offering plug and play electric propulsion retrofitting solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the marine industry while increasing the revenue from operations. Our kits cater to various vessels - fishing, tourist, ferries, and cargo barges - ensuring low investment, swift installation, and reduced wastage. Embracing vessel specifics, we offer three models: Pure Electric (grid-charged), Solar Electric (solar panel charging), and Hybrid (both electric and conventional fuel systems). Complemented by our advanced marine liquid-cooled batteries, our system offers safety, superior performance, and prolonged lifespan.