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About Professional Publications Private Limited : 

Greetings & Best wishes from Sagar Sandesh-the voice of Indian Shipping Industry since 2012.

While most of the shipping & logistics industry related journals and newspapers are focusing on northern and western part of India, “Sagar Sandesh”- a single edition for  pan india -,  was started as a   special weekly newspaper focusing  maritime education, shipping trade   of Tamilnadu and Tuticorin Port, after a  friendly discussion and suggestion from  Mr.Nithin Gatkari – the then Cabinet Minister of Shipping & Highways  and Mr.G.K.Vasan, the then Minister of State for Shipping, who are my very good old friends.


Sri.G.K.Vasan,  inaugurated the newspaper’s first edition dated 15.02.2012,  at Mumbai.

Since the  launch, Sagar Sandesh is giving special thrust on Ports, Shipping,  Logistics , Exim Trade   related information and giving coverage on all  major ports, container terminals and companies  operating in our Country . Also Sagar Sandesh is widely popular among Training Institutions offering courses to students on maritime education as  special thrust is being given on the news and articles from students perspective . 

On the First Anniversary of Sagar Sandesh , an online portal for shipping services “Port to Port”  (     was launched. It is  an innovative, fast providing, complete and comprehensive on-site portal  on vessel positions anywhere in any Indian port  and  facilitating to  track the container position also.   In fact, Port to Port is enriched expansion of Sagar Sandesh.   

As an extension of our  service to the maritime sector,  we have started publishing Sagar Sandesh  weekly edition  in Digital Form from 01.01.2018 onwards, with the following objectives,

  1. To reach the maritime industry stakeholders directly on time
  2. To facilitate them to view/read at their convenience even from their Desktop / Mobile
  1. To facilitate all Top Level Executives / Administrators and Members of an Organisation to view / read it simultaneously.  
  1. To bring latest news and useful information to the stakeholders of maritime industry totally Free of  Cost 

To provide more information on maritime industry to the stakeholders,  from August  31,2020,  we have launched an exclusive web-portal for Sagar Sandesh E-paper and introduced  bi-weekly edition of  our E-paper and started  releasing  on every Monday and Thursday.  It is yet another milestone in our growth.

Sagar Sandesh E-paper ,   is being published  weekly thrice from January 3,2022 onwards and released on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with more variety in contents and information to  all the stakeholders of maritime industry from global perspective also.

Significantly, all these effective services are rendered to you without any break, and free of cost. We know  in  business a minute lost is revenue lost. So we take care that your time turns into gold.  Above all, we do underscore the fact that ‘FREE OF COST’ for us NEVER MEANS ‘FREE OF VALUE’, but a shared gesture of success…


Few products Professional Publications Private Limited deals in :

    1. Sagar Sandesh - Maritime Tabloid English Weekly Thrice E-Paper
    2. The Antiseptic – Journal Medicine And Surgery
    3. Health – Journal For Healthful Living
    4. Port To Port – Shipping Services Portal